Teleconference with Frank Ross, Jim Paluch and Gregg Wartgow

by Linda Coors on March 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Today we had a very fun teleconference with Frank Ross and Jim Paluch, creators of A Better Way 2 Learn Financials and Gregg Wartgow, editor in chief at Green Industry Pros. They debated whether having a financial system or communicating on the financials is more important. Then they went on to answer some of the following questions:

  1. What keeps a smart owner from communicating on financials?
  2. What does Frank mean when he talks about he 90-day scrub?
  3. Should all of my labor burden items be rolled up in my cost of labor in my estimating system?
  4. Our estimating system is based upon Unit Prices – we’ve always done it this way. You advocate breaking the estimate down differently, why?
  5. Explain Revenue per Hour. I’ve tried to get my software provider to program it for me, and he just doesn’t get it.
  6. What software program do you recommend?
  7. How do we prepare for Obama Care?

If you missed the live teleconference, you can listen to it now here.

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