17 Ways to Ignite Your Company Training

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When I think about how companies are able to consistently train employees week after week in programs like A Better Way 2 Learn Financials or the Working Smarter Training Challenge, one thing is clear. It isn’t just magic, and it isn’t luck. True consistency comes from a conscious decision brought about by an individual or group commitment to a desired outcome. When this conscious decision is made, powerful results follow.

Companies that successfully train week after week also know that it is important to make training fun! Here are 17 fresh ideas to ignite and invigorate training in your company.

17 Ways to Ignite Your Company TrainingTraining Idea #1: Play Music

This is an old idea, but it works! Have you tried using music in your training? Jock Rock or many others work: All you need is a simple boom box. Why not play the theme from the Lone Ranger when it is time to start the training meeting?

Training Idea #2: Get Hands On

Develop training sessions around something your employees can do. It has been proven time and again that the best sessions have some hands-on exercise.

Training Idea #3: Go Off Agenda

Challenge everyone to fill out an index card answering the question, “What is the best thing I have learned from the training sessions?” The following week, your training can simply consist of everyone making a one-minute presentation on their answers. Pull names out of a hat, or if time allows, have everyone do it. Applaud every presentation. Give an award for the most energetic.

Training Idea #4: Encourage Mindfulness

The training leader could draw attention to how everyone is sitting in the audience. Ask them to sit as if they were bored. Ask them to sit as if it was the most exciting thing they have ever heard. NOW challenge them to stay that way for the entire session. Discuss at the end of the session how we can apply posture to control our attitude on the job — or even with family or in social situations.

17 Ways to Ignite Your Company TrainingTraining Idea #5: Videotape The Sessions

Set up a video camera to capture everything that happens during the training session.

Allow the presenters to then take the videos home and watch themselves, learning how well they did or how they can improve. (Don’t forget to pan the audience!)

Training Idea #6: Take Pictures

Post the pictures in your training center. Get action shots and close ups. People want to look good in pictures and will be aware of it in coming sessions.

Training Idea #7: Role Play

This is especially helpful for customer service and teambuilding sessions. It is helpful to have a scene written out with the setting and specific roles. Don’t be afraid of role playing! It’s the No. 1 training technique to use and the best way to build leadership skills in individuals.

Training Idea #8: Use Charts

If you dare, show everyone in a chart what you have spent on training to date: cost of the program, time people have spent in the meetings, etc.

If possible, show some year-over-year comparisons, too: turnover, attendance, equipment repair, replacements. Show that training is making a difference.

Training Idea #9: Do A Conference Call

Set up with another TRAINING CHALLENGE company and arrange to have a speaker phone in place so both companies can talk to each other while a training session is in progress.

This could be an interesting meeting that asks, “How do you…?”

Training Idea #10: Develop In-House Certification

GWe all like to be noticed and awarded for our efforts.ive certificates. They are easily created on your computer and can be for attendance, teaching, spirit or even best dressed.

Training Idea #11: Rearrange

Is everybody coming in and sitting in the same location that they sat in last week? Make a change either in how the room is set up or its location. Maybe even start 15 minutes earlier.

Training Idea #12: Get Some Press

Have you sent a press release to your local paper lately? Send out another and another until you get a call from the paper, and then invite them to see how your company is approaching the problem of providing consistent training. When they come, make it a great show.

Training Idea #13: Create Competition

Have a “field day” atmosphere. Your creativity in putting this together and creating five-minute competitions can help in emphasizing the points you are wanting to make along with creating fun and camaraderie. Give away a traveling trophy that the team gets to keep for the week and bring back to the next session.

Training Idea #14: Test Attendees

Take some of the highlights from each of the sessions and get a one-page, ten-question test together. Do true or false or something that is easy to grade and fast to take.

Training Idea #15: Use Hollywood

Have you used clips from Hollywood movies yet to make a point?

Use “Tommy Boy,” “Patch Adams,” “Bean,” “Rudy,” “Dead Poets’ Society,” “Apollo 13” or anything that inspires you. Use them to make a point or get a laugh.

Training Idea #16: Plan For The Future

Use a training session to plan and use some time to brainstorm how your company can become more efficient or improve on the given topics. Take good notes and then, as a management team, work toward implementing ideas that come from the sessions. The team will be more likely to participate when they see results coming from the sessions.

Training Idea #17: Use Your Mission Statement

Anything you do concerning the mission statement of the company is worthy of doing. Have competitions on who can say it the fastest. Have 6-10 people in groups say it as a group with each person saying a word and going to the next person. This is an excellent teambuilding session.

Have a serious discussion on “How are we doing in pursuit of this mission?” Be open to the negative as well as the positive. The mission must be discussed in each meeting.

Always Be Conscious!

Consistent training comes about from a conscious decision by individuals or groups who make a commitment. Are you committed to growing your company? Start your free trial of A Better Way 2 Learn Financials today — or download our free e-book on Integrated Financial Management.


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