Download The Landscapers’ Guide To Integrated Financial Management

by Linda Coors on March 14, 2014 · 0 comments

Download The Landscapers' Guide To Integrated Financial ManagementA Better Way 2 Learn recently released a FREE e-book for landscape professionals, The Landscaper’s Guide to Integrated Financial Management.

Frank Ross, a financial professional with more than 30 years’ experience helping green industry businesses, created A Better Way 2 Learn Financials and wrote this comprehensive guide as a free resource for green industry professionals.

Integrated financial management is a holistic way of managing all your business’s related financial processes system that gives you a clear idea of where your operation stands at all times.


Looking at all those interconnected business processes — things you deal with every day — can give you a better picture of what areas in your business are thriving, which need work, and how to move forward in the future. This 360-degree view of your business’s finances is invaluable to the health of your business.

The 15-page guide to integrated financial management offers a list of five essential processes to examine to foster sustainable growth within a landscape company that’s both predictable and profitable.

Here’s a look at those five processes.

Lead Tracking

If you don’t have leads, you aren’t making sales. And without sales, chances are you don’t have a viable business!

The guide reinforces how important it is to examine where your leads come from, and how to document, track and nurture those leads with follow-up communication.

Estimating and Pricing

The guide encourages readers to built an accounting system around the methods you use to estimate the cost of what you sell.

Consistency is the key to creating an accurate, simple estimating and pricing process — and when you have those in place, you’re able to uncover your break-even point, calculate the profit you’ll make on each project, and even know when it’s best just to walk away from a prospective job.

Job Tracking

It only makes sense to have a handle on your estimating and pricing if you’re then planning to track your jobs. The guide calls your job tracking system “the canary in the coalmine” — using either a labor productivity report or job costing system, you can find out whether the work you’ve taken on and the way you’re doing it is profitable or not.


If your accounting consists of invoicing, getting paid and paying your workers — you probably aren’t doing enough. To be more effective, compile and regularly review your balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

The guide explains how to leverage these reports for more effective accounting.


Finally, The Landscaper’s Guide to Integrated Financial Management explains the five steps in the budgeting process.

The guide is free to download from A Better Way 2 Learn’s website.

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