Unleash Your Ambition

by Linda Coors on March 13, 2014 · 0 comments

Unleash Your AmbitionI once worked with a company coaching 15 of their salespeople. After the last one-on-one interview, I discovered some very interesting correlations. The four top sales producers were much more likely to make positive comments that focused on the opportunities in their field, a continuing effort to surpass goals, positive healthy habits, an enthusiasm for their product, and the involvement in trade and civic organizations that helped associate them with other professionals.

The bottom four salespeople in terms of production had a completely different point of reference. They focused more on the company and its “inability to service and produce quality,” as well as the lack of marketing, poor communication, unfair compensation, and a need for higher expense accounts. There were very few comments made by this group on themselves and what they needed to do to produce results.

The group that interested me the most was the seven middle-of-the-road producers who all made comments that seemed to focus on a “lack” of something. “I’m lacking the time to get everything done,” “I’m lacking the motivation to push myself to reach higher sales goals,” “I lack a true understanding of our product,” and “I’m working hard; I just lack good leads and a little luck to make a few big sales fall.” I concluded that what this group was lacking was ambition. Lack of ambition will always produce mediocre results in individuals and organizations. I knew with a little direction and focus, the quickest and most measurable results could be brought about in this group of mediocre performers.

As a group, we decided a brainstorming session was needed. Investing a day away from their sales duties, the entire group discussed the habits, attitudes, techniques and direction of the top producers. Our goal in this meeting was to zero in on these positive habits and duplicate them throughout the rest of the team.

The following list of directives was developed with a team conclusion that these could very well be the secret to ambition.

Unleash Your AmbitionSet Goals

Each of the top performers had goals written on paper and reviewed them on a regular basis. By the end of the day’s session, all 15 had their month’s goals written into positive affirmations on 3 x 5 cards, and they made a commitment to review them several times daily.

Develop Your ‘Why’

The top performers all expressed a love for what they were doing and the positive effect the product had on their customers. A list of over 50 positive statements about the company, product and profession were assembled, and later typed and distributed to each salesperson to be reviewed in sales meetings throughout the year.

Review Habits

We concluded that the salespeople who produced the least had several habits in common that the top producers didn’t have. Most hit the snooze button and got up late. The front page of the newspaper was their morning reading. They would often meet a friend or associate mid-day for coffee or sometimes stopped at the mall in the afternoon. They would often partake in a late night during the week at a local “watering hole” making the next day seem a little “sluggish.” All of these habits seemed contradictory to success. They decided that each salesperson would review their habits and begin replacing them with more positive, result-oriented ones.

Be Aware of Who You Associate With

The top performers talked about constantly making new acquaintances and networking with people who shared ideas that helped them become more successful. The less productive salespeople talked about having the same friends they grew up with and going to the same parties and events where most of the conversation centered around complaining and negativity. We  concluded that while old friendships are wonderful and important to nurture, stretching ourselves to meet people who can create a mutually beneficial relationship may be a missing link to successful results.

Practice Honesty And Integrity

Unleash Your AmbitionIt was evident that the top producers held themselves accountable. Their calendars were full of appointments and their sales reports and orders were all up to date. They didn’t allow themselves the luxury of excuses and didn’t promise their customers something they couldn’t deliver. Again, these traits were exactly opposite to those of the other 11 sale people. We discussed that this may very well be the most difficult of the five steps. It means looking in the mirror every morning and asking, “Am I giving my best?” and then answering honestly.

It doesn’t matter if a person is in sales, production, service, management, or trying to be a good parent, following the above steps can remove lack of ambition and add to your success journey . How did it affect the sales team mentioned above? Collectively they produced 58% more per client than the year before. Remember, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got. What could unleashing your ambition do for you?

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