4 Unexpected Benefits Of Training Your Employees

by Linda Coors on May 5, 2014 · 0 comments


4 Unexpected Benefits Of Training Your EmployeesWhen companies begin a training program, they have an expectation that their employees will become more proficient and skilled in their day-to-day job activities, and this is certainly a realistic expectation and an expression of outward growth of the employees’ abilities.

What they often don’t expect and what amazes them is the inward growth that begins to occur in their employees. Here are a few of the major areas where these companies see results!

Presentation Skills

Most people are hesitant at first to stand up in front of a room and lead a training session, but an interesting thing happens once they give it a try. They love it! When you select someone to lead a training session for the first time, have them present on their field of expertise. They will take pride in displaying knowledge on their particular skill, and everyone else will enjoy learning from one of their peers.

A supervisor at Santa Clara University says, “The crew seemed to be more receptive to their peers than hearing the same information from me… I can see already the huge benefit of having other people lead the meetings. The crew seems much more responsive.”

Companies that have been training for a while say they have waiting lists of people volunteering to do presentations.

Desire to Help the Company Produce Profit

Teach your employees about costs, overhead and profit and watch what happens. Most of them think that profit is much greater than it actually is. Once they become aware of the bottom-line figures, they will begin to take an interest in making the company more profitable.

As one leader described it, “They begin to take ownership for maximizing profit and eliminating waste.”

More Concrete Personal and Company Goals

When you teach your employees the skills to track goals, you will begin to see their inward growth demonstrated in their pride in work, attitude toward customers and co-workers and even in areas such as fitness and health.

Set up scoreboards and charts for company goals and watch their efforts to hit those goals.

Better Communication

Weekly meetings give employees the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions and concerns and everyone learns to communicate better. Companies find that when issues are discussed, positive action follows. The employees end up feeling their opinions matter and teamwork is strengthened.

So if you want to really know the value of your employees, start a training program and watch them grow.

Training is just one way to get more out of your employees and your business in general. For more ideas, download our free e-book, which features five steps to building predictable and profitable growth for your landscaping company.


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