Coach And Guide Your Employees To Greatness

by Linda Coors on June 14, 2014 · 0 comments

Coach And Guide Your Employees To GreatnessRemember the reason why you hired your employees? Maybe it was the ambitious personality displayed in the interview, the professional follow-up or the beyond impressive resume. Either way, there was a reason that compelled you to make that offer and welcome a new employee aboard.

But what if, months or mere weeks later, the gleam of said hire is no longer there — and suddenly, they’ve been deemed an “underperformer.” What’s a green industry exec to do?

A recent post I came across via LinkedIn, “Dealing with Deadwood” talks about putting some of the blame on yourself for this current situation.

If you were active in the hiring practice, you shoulder some of the blame. The good news is that you also have the power to turn around this problematic situation.

Lead By Example

Chances are you got to where you are today by accepting and overcoming a few challenges. You’re a problem solver. In this case, the problem is an employee that isn’t quite hacking it — but is the employee 100 percent of the problem? No.

As mentioned earlier, you originally saw something in him or her that made you extend a job offer. Perhaps the training process was non-existent or business meetings kept you from guiding your new hire along the way. You can fill in any excuse you would like but it is an excuse.

No one, no matter how smart or resourceful, can thrive in a new work environment without some direction.

You’re a leader for a reason, and this is your time to lead. This is a great time for you to refine your leadership skills as well. If you have questions on dealing with this employee, reach out to your Human Resources department.

Get the tools you need to bring out that talent from your employee. It’s there – you saw it.

Everyone in life has or has had mentors along the way. These are the people others look up to and this is your chance to be that guiding voice for someone. It doesn’t take much. You just have to be active in the process.

Create Accountability

Coach And Guide Your Employees To GreatnessCoaching your employees is great for morale. It shows your employees you care and makes you a better leader but you need to set some rules in place.

Establish a process that puts accountability of performance more evenly among you and your employees. Now think of the situation as someone not directly involved in the hiring process. If a new hire was made but ends up not being great fit for the team, look at who hired this employee. Did the recruiter thoroughly do his or her job?

Sometimes a termination just has to happen, but it’s important to look at the full scope of the situation. You can only get better as a company if you look at your failures and become better as a result.

Think Everything Through

We hear about the recession constantly and the fact is, companies all over the world have tightened up its hiring. Now more than ever, a company needs to be prudish with taking on new employees but also prudish with letting go of employees. It is costly to let a new hire ago after weeks or months spent on interviewing, hiring, and training.

Perhaps you need to make it difficult to allow your leadership team to fire someone. This will not only make your leadership team step up to the plate but think twice about bringing on a potential “underperformer” on board.

Give your employees the tools to become great leaders, but let them know part of being a great leader is being accountable for one’s actions.

The green industry is well over an $8 billion industry, and no company — especially not yours— has the time or money to be making bad decisions that can affect the bottom line. Mistakes are bound to happen but if you can lead by example and give your employees the tools for greatness, I bet you will see things turn around in no time.

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