A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Package Options

In an effort to give companies exactly what they need, we have made the A Better Way 2 Learn Financials program available in its entirety with all 32 lessons or lessons packaged by topics as follows:

Packages Lessons Price
Full Program 1-32 $2,500.00
Overview of the Financial Management Cycle – a great way to get your team starting to communicate on and understanding your financials 1-7 $491.00
The Balance Sheet and Using It as a Scorecard 8-12 $491.00
The Income Statement and Using it to Achieve Success 14-15 $196.40
 Performance Ratios  16-18 $294.60
 Chart of Accounts and Profit Center Analysis 19-21 $294.60
 Budgeting  22-26 $491.00
 Estimating 27-31 $491.00

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