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Hi. I’m Frank Ross,
Creator Of The A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Program.

I bet you’re reading this page for a good reason.

You’re interested in how the A Better Way 2 Learn Financials program can help you, your company and perhaps your co-workers learn better financial skills to help grow your profits. It shows you’re ready to take action and that’s always the starting point for great things.

I applaud your intention.  It’s in that spirit I’d like to tell you more about the program.

My Experience Helping Landscape Companies Thrive

Over my 30-year career as a financial consultant, I’ve helped countless landscape companies of all sizes increase their profitability and produce healthy, sustainable growth.

I often find immediate profit windfalls for my clients by leveraging better financial strategies, systems and controls – and fixing hidden profit “leaks” that sink their growth.  

But something else I do produces even more value for clients. It’s also added tens of millions of dollars to their profits.   

What’s behind these results?  I provide better financial education training that increases the financial acumen of owners, management and other staff.  Put another way, my training helps the people in these companies build skills that let them make better, faster, more profitable financial decisions every day, month-after-month, year-after-year whether I’m around or not.

Why Building Your Financial Acumen Is So Valuable

If you can read numbers, you are financially literate.  But, if you understand how the numbers drive your company, you have financial acumen.  It’s the difference between reading and comprehension.  It’s not reading the numbers that’s valuable; it’s understanding their meaning that enables profitable decisions.  And this leads to why you should place a priority on developing your financial acumen skills…

The Construction Industry Is A Numbers Driven Business.

A chain of financial decisions is made between the work of acquiring, servicing and retaining customers.  The difference between profit and loss depends on the quality of the many decisions making up each link in the chain.  Strengthening your financial acumen helps you see how the small financial decisions making up each link impact and move the big financial decisions involving the whole chain.

Click Here To See The 32 Lessons Making Up The A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Chain

A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Builds Your Financial Acumen To Help You Make A More Profitable Chain Of Financial Decisions.

How This All Got Started And Why I Got “Cloned”

As the profits I helped my clients achieve climbed over the years, so did my reputation and consulting fees. I’m now on the road some 200 days a year. My day rate starts at $5000.00. Unfortunately, the constraints on my time and the size of my fees prevent me from working with the many companies who contact me to help them.  

That’s when my longtime friend, Jim Paluch, approached me about participating in his new “A Better Way 2 Learn” online system. It would create a high-quality, interactive, online training program that would essentially let me “clone” myself. I was excited. This meant I didn’t have to charge by the day and could literally work with hundreds of companies without worrying about time. Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

The Method Behind Accelerated Learning For Landscape Contractors

Jim’s “A Better Way To Learn” process is structured around hyper-effective teaching practices he acquired from decades of conducting and refining JP Horizons training seminars for the landscape industry. The A Better Way 2 Learn online training system was painstakingly designed to take any kind of subject matter and convert it into high-impact learning experiences that produce measurable, profitable skills quickly for the people who use it.  

To produce this “accelerated skill development,” the system leverages and combines different human learning styles into the lessons. The result is an engaging, interactive education process that blends video, peer collaboration, diagrams, charts, checklists, feedback forms and even humor to let users quickly acquire and internalize concrete skills from each lesson. In other words – it offered a better way to learn what I teach!

Creating The A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Program Pushed Me To The Edge

I was sold on the system. It was time for us to create the content. Thus began one of the most intensive 6 weeks of my life. Here’s the short version. I submitted and revised hundreds of content drafts. Jim demanded the content of each lesson provided only my best, highest-level thinking, described in the most clear, easy-to-understand way. Diagrams had to be reworked to produce “clarity at a glance.”   

I flew to Cleveland numerous times to shoot and re-shoot video. 12-hour days in the studio, with dozens of retakes and edits to “get it right.” Needless to say – I was exhausted. But, I’m proud of the effort and appreciative Jim pushed me to the edge to deliver my best work for you. And at the end of the day – this course does what we set out to do. That is provide a better, faster, affordable way for contractors to build the financial acumen skills that boost their profits.

My Gift To You

If you’ve read this far, I’d say you’re the type of person who is going places. I have no doubt strengthening your financial acumen skills will help you get there even faster. I invite you to try the first two lessons of the A Better Way 2 Learn Financials program free, as my gift. It’s a great way to discover how “I walk my talk” and can help you increase the profitability of your company.

I look forward to working with you in the first lesson and helping you profit from the process!


Frank Ross


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