Jim Paluch


Hi.  I’m Jim Paluch.

I’m excited that you are exploring the A Better Way 2 Learn Financials program.

This unique training process combines the incredible financial expertise of Frank Ross with a methodology of learning that my company has been successfully using for years.

JP Horizons began engaging groups and individuals in the learning process by instinct over 23 years ago.  

We work hard to deliver what works to help people not only gain information, but also process it and make it practical and usable immediately.

JP Horizons Has Trained:

– Over 500 Green Industry companies through the Working Smarter Training Challenge

– Hundreds of sales teams and professionals through Sales Jams

– Thousands of individuals through Face-to-Face events and coaching,

After effectively educating that many people, we can say JP Horizons has a proven methodology of learning that is both fun and effective with long-lasting results.

The Best Learning Is Active Learning
I believe individuals learn best when they take an active role in education and have the tools that help them apply it in their jobs and lives. That’s why the magic of planning and acting out a skit, creating a drawing of the future, role playing a conversation, process mapping activities, and round table discussions all become the highlight of every JP Horizons event.

Every company or individual that has been helped by JP Horizons through the years has in some way engaged in what we now call “A Better Way 2 Learn.”

Wisdom Is What You Really Want And We Deliver
We know that true leaders or “Builders” in organizations are both active listeners and generous givers who truly like to do both in the learning process. When we go beyond gaining knowledge to actively sharing our experience, debating ideas and then finding real application for what we have heard and discussed, then wisdom is born and we have experienced A Better Way 2 Learn!

I know as you discuss the financial concepts, work through each exercise together and enjoy the video interaction with Frank in each lesson, you will not just get information but you will become great financial managers and your business will grow as a result.

You won’t know what you are missing until you try the first two lesson plans. I challenge you to take the first step and register NOW for the free trial.

Go Get’Em,

Jim Paluch