Testimonials from A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Users

Listen to Jim Paluch share a testimonial from
Les Lightfoot of Lightfoot Enterprises:

We know we are on the right track with A BETTER WAY 2 LEARN FINANCIALS when we have feedback like this from our users:

It’s exciting to see middle management showing such an interest in the financials of the business and getting their input on ways to improve profit. This program has increased awareness in the company with all department heads as to ways to improve profit, watch cost and overall understand what it takes to run the business.

This is the holy grail of information!!! For 4 years I personally have been asking question after question that these ratios now shed light on. This information is worth the price of the entire program. Power is in the information you possess and how you can relate that information to your management team in a way that they understand and carry it through to the production staff. THANK YOU JP HORIZONS AND FRANK ROSS. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!!!

“I was feeling that we had been doing things mostly right until this lesson. It looks like our pricing may be off, which is good news and bad news but will force us to make decisions about how we run our company. Can we sell what our price should be as we are or do we change how we run? I’m looking forward to the pricing modules.”

“Enjoying this journey very much! It is helping me listen to the numbers and not just look at them. The last nine weeks have given me enough insight/confidence to make yet another adjustment to our business practice. Another milestone achieved, thanks to you guys!!! Thanks Frank, Jim and everyone else involved in the ABW concept.”

“Really AWESOME! Super excited to start putting these forms into action!”

“Now we’re starting to dig in and it’s getting interesting. I’m glad we are working our way through this methodically because it is keeping the entire team on track. I want to also let you know that I really feel like I’m baring my soul to my team and showing them how much I don’t understand or have good control of. Not sure if that is good or not, time will tell. But on the other hand, I like finally starting to learn, and perhaps remove the illusion of understanding and replace it with real understanding. Thank you.”

“Thanks for a great program. We have work to do and this will be a guiding principle in our financial programming moving forward.”

“We learned the difference in reports that we can pull from our QB. We also received more insight on how to read each report and the importance of visiting these reports on a more frequent basis. Most of all, we realize we have a lot to learn and we are willing and excited to visit these reports on a weekly and monthly basis.”

“The job tracking sheets are AWESOME! We began to use them last week and it is blowing our minds!”

“We actually scored very well in this section. However, isn’t there always a however?! We currently lump things together rather than silo them out. The end result is, we don’t know the exact profit prior to the job commencing. We track and score ourselves at the end but at time it is a scary process. We look forward to siloing (not sure this is a real word, LOL) things out to give our sales force greater control and confidence in the pricing that they/we provide. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM.”

“Wow, this is getting good! Lots of great discussion and revelations amongst our team of what our numbers are telling us. Frank is exactly right in that we have always looked at our balance sheet but it’s had a bit of mystery around the story that it’s telling us. Frank is unraveling the mysteries for us. Thanks!”

“I have studied financial management for 20 years. This is a great brush up, idea provoker that’s educational for our entire management team. We are currently trying to double the size of our earned revenue without increasing our overhead dollars which would impact our profitability as % of overhead will decrease. The only way this is going to happen is if we can get very organized, structured and process oriented while making sure everyone understands how what they do impacts the company’s bottom line. Thanks to JP Horizons for this opportunity to learn and teach my team from one of the greatest financial minds in our industry, Frank Ross.”

“We had a 4-hour working session yesterday on our budget. We had already trained on lessons 23 – 26 so we came back to them in open book style yesterday to reinforce the work we were doing. Used some of the videos to more completely understand and reinforce the work we were doing. Using worksheet Lesson 24 was a huge help in our process yesterday. Taking the lessons and working them live into the process was a great learning experience for the team.”

“Wow! Another eye opener in terms of my ignorance! I will continue to persist to become an astute financial manager.”

“Chapter 6 is what I have always dreamed of laying hold of. This is the real deal in financial health analysis! So much more to learn and grow!!”

“This is a wonderful way to hold a training meeting; nice job to all involved!!”

“The interesting thing that senior management is learning: We know a lot of this stuff. The Account Managers and Operations Managers don’t. This is great to be able to show them some of the processes and info that will help them get better.”