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Put The Financial Expertise Of Frank Ross To Work For Your Company At A Fraction Of The Cost.
Why Learn Financial Management?

In this rough-cut video footage Frank explains why he created the A Better Way 2 Learn Financials Program.

Why It Works
You and your leaders will experience A BETTER WAY 2 LEARN by committing to trying the first two lesson plans below as an introduction to the program. After your first session you will see how the uniqueness of the approach will produce results that allow you to profit from the process.

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Your First Free Lesson:
Identifying Financial Wins for your Company

Create the list of financial wins that you must achieve in your business
Discover what has kept you from achieving these wins in the past
Understand the process that will allow you to profit.

Your Second Free Lesson:
The Financial Management Cycle

Learn the 4 principal elements of the Financial Management Cycle.
Evaluate whether the four elements in your company are integrated.
Determine where to improve your Financial Management Cycle.

List of Curriculum

Join The Best And Brightest In The Landscape Industry Who Learned Financial Management From Frank Ross:

Mike Rorie

“The lessons we learned from Frank created Industry Financial Literacy for our entire Groundmasters management team. Pricing work, the significance of an estimate with every job and learning to manage from those estimates was a huge part of our success.”

START NOW: Lessons 1 & 2 are FREE. COMPLETE the enrollment form, and
profit from the process.

A final word from Frank.
Watch a video excerpt from the program…

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