Why Is A Credit Card Required?

Your Credit Card Is Required For The Free Trial For Two Reasons

1. It Qualifies You To Receive The Trial – The credit card helps qualify those companies that are serious about profiting from the process and those that are just looking for a quick fix or free ideas.There is no cost for the first two lessons, and if you do not move on to lesson three for some reason, your credit card information is automatically deleted within 30 days.

2. Your Credit Card Is Associated With Your Private A Better Way To Learn Dashboard – Your free trial is not a stripped down, or “lite” version of A Better Way 2 Learn Financials.  It’s the real deal.  You will have your own private dashboard, with login and password, be able to participate in any of the teleconferences, have access to Frank Ross through the blog, and other member only, behind-the-scenes admin and support benefits from the A BETTER WAY team.

If you have additional questions we’d be happy to speak with you.   Contact us via email or call:   (440) 352-8211